Beware the invisible

Beware the invisible, the invisible to the human eye, but still longering in behind the scenes. The invisible that you never suspect is here until it show up suddenly. The invisible that is flowing throughout the decor that you can’t see it with the eyes. The invisible that sometimes shows up in form of feelings, inspiration and thoughts.

The invisible that does not harm at slow doses, but is deadly through repetition and consistancy.

The invisible that does not benefit in small intakes, but is very beneficial at long.

We do not see pesticides, we do not see electromagnetic fields, we almost ddo not see the air pollution, the noise pollution, the light pollution, the stresses, the dis-eases, … until their toll is way beyond irreparibility.

They are dangerous because the majority of people not only do not see their impact until it have done way too much damage, but usually they deny any impact because they cannot see it smell it ot taste it or feel it by senses, at first uncounter. And usually, fight all those who raise alarms. This story repeats itself and is an archetype across history. And maybe they will always people who listen and are precausious and people who aren’t. See Noah’s arch story.

So they are in I don’t care state, which is fine if this invisible dangers does harm only themselves. The problem is that when these invisible harms are harming others.

Inflicting diseases to others because of carelessness in using these techonologies is very common, and way underapreciated in the field of medicine, where we are always trying to add more to the system ( the human body ) rather than substract.

One of the main disease makers to the human body are pollutions as all of us know, yet we seem to neglect the constant stressors that are brang about from the industrial and modern lifestyle. Deeming it confortable.

Where does the line between comfort and discomfort stops?

Where does the constant search for comfort becomes a discomfort ?

Many seem to respond to these questions, by stating that life is not comfortable anyways, you will get sick and you will die anyway. That is true, but what type of sicknesses are we bringing upon ourselves that are unnecessary?

To not control basic inputs into our bodies have become too common, not controling the food intake, the air pollution, the electromagnetic smog. Is an infringement on the basic rights of the individual.

The tensions between what the individual can do and what society is providing has never been higher, as condensation and population is growing exponentially, there need to be a higher regard toward what the group can do or not.