We need more medical doctors that know about physics

We need more medical practitioners that know about science and engineering, why? Because right now the machines and electrification are taking over the world, and we need to have doctors that understand the impact of technology on our bodies, environment, and ecosystems.

As of now, we don’t have a clear vision of what interacting with machines all day long is doing to our bodies, either short-term or long-term.

What do electromagnetic waves at different frequencies, and unknown to the biological body do to it? How does biology respond to the engineering around it? As far as I know, we live in the same universe as those machines we created, we live in the same time and space the electromagnetic waves are being used. What happens to our bodies when this type of pollution is omnipresent.

We know about pollution from fossil fuel cars is detrimental to health, why are we not asking the same question about electric cars, what do electric motors will do to our bodies during daily long drives…

To just dismiss these questions, is to not see that there is a problem in just trusting engineers who understand nothing about medicine and trusting doctors who know nothing about physics and engineering.

We need a new profession the general Practioner who understands physics and engineering, or the engineer who is trained in biology.

We need people that understand both domains, and engineering products need to pass thorough testing on their health impact before hitting the market.

Engineers care only about if the products work they do not care about the impact on biology and the environment (while doing their work, they may think about it when they are daydreaming). They are not trained for it, and it is already very hard to make a product work, to add to it another layer of testing is inconceivable unless it becomes something natural to do, we build the device, and engineers biologists are included during the process.

Doctors care about their patients (supposition, most of them not all) but if they don’t know how those devices interact with the bodies of their patients they can’t prescribe a “ stay away from your device “ routine.

Now, it is maybe not a practitioner’s issue, it is a research issue. More research is needed on the subjects. While I agree on this point, I also think that both disciplines will benefit greatly from cross-pollination whether it is on research or in the training phase.